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We’re Working in Your Neighborhood

Well, maybe not right this minute, but we do get around. So we thought folks might be interested in knowing when we are currently working nearby or have been recently. Here’s some info about a few of our recent jobs.

I didn’t want to actually single anybody out so the map is showing the address of my old house in Atlanta, GA.

Oak Valley in Deptford Township

We started working with the homeowners in January, 2015 on the project pictured below. Work began in mid March and will be complete in early April. The homeowners vision was to remodel and expand the original kitchen of their 1960’s home into the garage area. Some work had already been done to convert the garage to useable space. We’re fixing a few issues and completing the conversion to provide the space for a new, expanded kitchen, large dining area and a laundry/storage room. The new space will feature cabinetry by Wellborn, granite countertops and Duraceramic flooring. Look for pictures of the completed project on the Gallery page soon.

This is our second kitchen remodel in the Oak Valley area this year. The previous project was completed in January, 2015.

We really liked the stacked stone, landscaping and other exterior work the homeowner had added. Our goal is to provide an interior to match this curb appeal. The converted garage is on the right.

Original kitchen area.

Front of the original garage will be the laundry room and storage area.

Rear of the original garage will be the new dining area and also have additional cabinetry.