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Wenonah Cabinetry is very proud of the quality of its product. That is why we have chosen wellborn Cabinet, Inc. as our primary supplier of cabinetry products. Wellborn Cabinet has a commitment to excellence as is often seen in a family owned and operated business. The Wellborn name is on every product that leaves their factory and represents the effort that they and their employees put into providing you with cabinetry that you will be proud to own for years to come.

Likewise, Wenonah Cabinetry is proud of its design styles and innovative techniques that will provide you with a functional and attractive space for a reasonable price. Our expertise comes from many years as general contractors and builders. Because we understand construction, we know what is possible whether you are considering a major remodel or simply desire a new look. Our installers and sub-contractors are all experienced craftsmen who have worked for us for many years, which allows us to guarantee a quality, finished job.

Being an amateur woodworker with a full wood-shop in my basement, I am accustomed to building and carpentry techniques. In going through the process of designing my new kitchen, you treated me with great respect and corrected misconceptions that I had. You and your team took no shortcuts and did everything the right way. I'm sure that the kitchen you built will serve us well for many years to come.

I had reason for the township electrical inspector to come over and inspect another project shortly after you finished my kitchen that I had done in my home. The inspector remembered inspecting your work and told me that your work was the best that he had ever seen. Coming from someone who sees a lot of remodeling work, that was quite a compliment to you and just reinforced my confidence in your craftsmanship.

We are completely satisfied with your work and would recommend you, without any hesitancy whatsoever, to anyone else looking for remodeling and construction services. Please feel free to use me as a reference. The most resounding fact that we are totally satisfied with your work and have come to trust you is that we are replacing our rear slider this summer and won't look for any quotes other than yours. We know that you will do a great job and that the cost will be more than competitive. In short, we will be your customers as long as you are in business.

Thanks for your services and we will see you soon for that rear sliding glass door job and eventually for our mudroom / powder room remodel.

Best! – Greg, Mantua, NJ 5/29/2013